Friday, March 8, 2013

MySQL administration tool

Administrating a server set up by someone else can be a real pain. One of the problems I have regularly encountered on clients' systems has been database administration. While you can perform some tasks from command line, I really can't imagine working without a tool like PHPMyAdmin.

PHPMyAdmin, however, has a number of problems. The main one for me is its installation process which is much harder than necessary and involves editing configuration files. Consulting time spent installing PMA vs doing actual work is rather hard to explain to customers. So I started looking for alternatives.

The tool I've found performed beyond my wildest expectations. It consists of a single file (which is, by the way, interesting - they "compile" a nice, readable PHP source tree into a single minified PHP file). Not only it supports MySQL, but works with Postgres, SQLite, MS SQL and Oracle. It has a pretty, minimalistic interface. It's fast - not only it executes fast on the server, but it generates small pages so working on a slow network isn't a problem. And - best of all - the one-step installation process consists of uploading a single PHP file to the server.

Adminer, the tool I'm writing about, supports everything I care for. Some things could be done better or easier, but it's a really viable PHPMyAdmin alternative - I never found myself in a position where I couldn't do something and had to install PMA.

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